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  • 9.17.07
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Dr. Sharon Mitchell’s latest ground breaking project to advance the safe sex movement is SxCheck.com, which revolutionizes STD testing for the public. SxCheck.com brings state-of-the-art technology to securely access the latest early-detection medical STD and HIV testing. SxCheck delivers medical test results through online test results and by text message. SxCheck complements

Dr. Mitchell founded AIM Heathcare which serves over 2000 clients each month. AIM, after a decade of existence was created for the Adult Entertainment Industry. As a not for profit organization, AIM did not have the resources to meet the growing needs of the general public. SxCheck was founded in 2006 to meet the increasing demand for testing within the general public.

Dr. Sharon Mitchell is a recognized sexual health expert and educator, and has been interviewed for many newspapers, periodicals, and television and radio shows, including NY Times, LA Times, Washington Post, US Today, Newsweek, CNN, 20/20, LA Daily News, ELLE Magazine, POZ magazine, Tyra Banks, E!, Entertainment Tonight, The O’Reilly Report, NPR, PRI, MTV, HBO, MSNBC, KROQ. Dr. Mitchell will be featured as a therapist on the upcoming “Celebrity Rehab” series with Dr. Drew Pinsky which will air on VH1 and regularly writes Protocols for MTV and VH1 reality shows like “Date a Rock Star” etc. to keep the talent safe while living in the same location for weeks at a time. She also writes a regular column “Ask Dr. Mitch” which can be found in AVN, Stiletto, and Frontier magazine as well as on the AIM and SxCheck.com sites.

In 1998 there was an HIV outbreak in the Adult Entertainment Industry involving many people that Dr. Mitchell worked with as talent. The Industry gave Dr. Mitchell the support that she needed to found the AIM Healthcare Foundation. AIM is a nonprofit organization serving sex workers in areas of HIV testing, and counseling of many types, including gynecology services, STD testing and treatment and industry related educational groups and videotape informational materials.

In 1999 Dr. Mitchell was invited to Budapest Hungary to teach HIV and Hepatitis monitoring programs for the Adult Industry Talent. In February 2001 Dr. Mitchell was invited by the South African Government to help write documentation that has been submitted to the Minister of Health on forming a sex worker organization for better healthcare and now has a satellite program in Johannesburg with DISA sexual health and reproductive center. Additionally Dr. Mitchell is frequently asked to lecture at colleges such as UCLA and UCSF, along with speaking engagements with Public Health Professionals, Government Agencies such as OSHA, and has even been asked on several occasions to speak to members of the Clergy.